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Welcome to the website of Graf Holland B.V.


Graf Holland B.V. is located in Enschede and has been in business for over sixty years serving the international markets. As a member of the Swiss Graf Group of Companies, Graf Holland is mainly a production plant. 130 highly qualified employees manufacture our metal precision parts for the international textile industry. Wire drawing, rolling, cutting and sophisticated heat treatment are the main technologies used in our plant.

Our sister company Graf Kratzen GmbH in Gersthofen / Germany  offers card clothing services for short staple carding machinery as well as for long staple non-woven equipment to our customers in Europe.


The Graf Group of companies has its main office in Rapperswil / Switzerland and is governed by HOGRA HOLDING AG, Switzerland. Graf was founded in 1917 and transformed into a Limited Company in 1962.

Since its foundation, the line of business has been the manufacturing and distribution of card clothing and service machines for cards as well as providing a competitive erection and mounting service. We also offer customized engineering solutions.

Due to the sound market knowledge, the solid organization structure and excellent reputation, the group has been able to extend the distribution and servicing of third party products in order to consolidate and ensure a wider base for the infrastructure.

A net of highly qualified agents, who either provide their own service organization or else are supported by the Group's technical assistance department in Switzerland and the mobile installation units ensure the speedy application of our products worldwide.

A policy of decentralization has been followed ever since the end of the fourties in order to keep up with the requirements of free enterprise and utilization of resources (production companies). As a result of this policy, the Graf group of companies offers first-class service to the textile centres worldwide.




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